‘Spotlight’ is a series of interviews in which we talk to professionals who have gotten in touch with a new employer thanks to The Music Recruiters. This time Ortzy Arbinaga takes the lead.

You are now an A&R Manager at Spinnin’ Records. What does your job entail?

I’m looking for talent worldwide, artists that create great tracks or songs that fit the styles of any of our labels at Spinnin’. My job is to connect dots between artists, managers, publishers, producers, et cetera to finally create great records.

What attracted you to working at Spinnin’ Records?

The success that Spinnin’ had during the last 24 years. They were the #1 Dance Label worldwide, always creating hits, creating the best DJs out there. Plus, the amount of tools they had, resources and more.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve experienced in this role?

Being in close contact with artists that I always wanted to work with, learn from them but also help them to develop their careers, plans, etc.

Now that you have started in this new position, what gives you the most energy as A&R Manager?

To see how hungry for success everyone in the company is, after so many years. For me, it’s amazing to see the passion, desire and mentality that everyone has. It’s exactly the same mentality and way I have always been and had in my life.

How did you experience working with The Music Recruiters?

AMAZING! I have to say that the way I was treated, helped and informed about every single step in the process was great! They were super honest all the time and always willing to advise you in a very honest way.

How did Pieter prepare you for the interviews with Spinnin’ Records?

Pieter did a great job, he always had the time for a call to talk, advise and train me on the type of questions that I would get. That gave me a lot of confidence and it turned out to be exactly like he told me.

What value does working with a recruiter add during a job application process?

This is the best decision you can make, it gives you all the confidence about what steps to take, the pros and cons of the new job and they guide you through the whole process to make it successful. 

Are there any particular tips or advice you would like to share with other candidates applying for similar positions?

Make sure you understand and are aware of the amount of responsibility and time that you will need to do the job. Being a good and active A&R is not easy. You need to be very dedicated and work extra hours, especially if you’re working with artists in different time zones.

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