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Sizzer’s core objective is to solidify itself as a global leader in creative music agency services. To continue advancing in this direction, they are actively seeking an experienced Senior Music Producer who aspires to produce the music that will further elevate their industry standing.

Sizzer firmly believes that exceptional advertising has the potential to engage, inspire, and profoundly touch people. Harnessing the power of music, they empower their creative partners to accomplish precisely that. Their ultimate goal is to encourage a transformation in people’s perception of commercial creativity and have them “unhate advertising.”

Backed by a strong team of supervisors and coordinators, you’ll produce the music they work on and provide their clients and composers with creative and musical guidance. With your great taste and eye for musical quality, you’ll help Sizzer further establish its position as the most creative and influential music agency.

Do you possess the capability to make a transformative impact on the music landscape of tomorrow? Can you effectively bridge the gap between music culture and the world of advertising?

Then please read on. 

About the job

  • You’ll independently oversee the creative process of the (multiple and simultaneous) music productions that are assigned to you. From briefing to final edit and everything in between: you’ll manage it all.
  • You’ll talk to clients, directors, editors and other stakeholders in the creative process. You’re able to both listen attentively as well as lead the conversation, and your authority and charisma make a positive impact.
  • With the musical knowledge you possess, you’ll effectively decipher client briefings and translate them into clear musical briefings for the composers.
  • You’ll closely keep track of the progress of the productions that are assigned to you and always make sure that all – although at times impossibly tight – deadlines are met. You are responsible for finetuning the composer’s works throughout the entire process of creation, either by giving clear instructions or adding your own musical revisions.
  • As a senior in the team, you’re able to give creative direction and inspiration to other team members, functioning both as a coach and mentor when needed, and ensuring the productions Sizzer produces always meet the highest standards.
  • You’ll make sure that all created music is creatively edited underneath any given film, doing so with optimal impact and precision.
  • You are responsible for continuously scouting for new talent to feed and boost Sizzer’s ever-growing talent roster.

About you

  • You possess approximately 10 years of experience as a music producer and are experienced with the high paced world of advertising.
  • You have proven experience with productions for moving images, either as a producer or composer for ads. This is a must for this role!
  • You are highly experienced with editing to film. You have the ability to come up with creative solutions for sync points and storytelling as well as creating new arrangements out of a variety of different tracks.
  • You’re (willing to be) based in Amsterdam and available for a full-time (plus) job.
  • You have broad technical knowledge of music production and are highly proficient in at least 1 DAW. You have an extensive understanding of audio and sequencer software, the ability to create coherent and authentic sounds and the proper knowledge of a variety of different recording techniques.
  • Since a great deal of the job will include handling tight deadlines, working with eccentric composers and deciphering client feedback, you possess nerves of steel and the ability to keep a clear overview.
  • You have a very good understanding of music and musical language in general and are able to switch between and reproduce genres effortlessly and authentically. You understand what instruments are typically used in songs, you know common chord progressions, have a schooled ear for melodies, and the ability to quickly dive into certain genres / cultures to understand their musical characteristics.
  • You possess a large (international) network of vocalists, music producers, composers and recording musicians.
  • As a music producer you are a musician at heart. You know your way around an instrument, and have maybe even jammed in a band or two.
  • You are social and able to bring good energy to an(y) environment. You are a team player at heart and care to support the people in your team.
  • Besides your love for music, you should have a keen interest in film and advertising as well.

So, are you ready to become the best in your field and an industry leader in the advertising industry? With the power of the Sizzer team, we pursue to make this happen.

What does Sizzer offer?

  • You’ll get the opportunity to develop yourself into an award-winning music producer working on the biggest and most influential international advertising campaigns.
  • You’ll be offered lots of responsibility and room for personal growth and development.
  • A team that has one shared goal. Work hard, play hard. With that, you become the best team out there
  • A vibrant and warm office culture with a young, open-minded, and creative team that always goes the extra mile
  • A full-time contract with an appropriate remuneration based on experience 

Sizzer is residing in an amazing office in the vibrant Amsterdam Noord. 

Apply for the job

Do you want to join Sizzer’s team as their new Senior Music Producer? Then apply via this link

Research shows that while some candidates feel confident enough to apply when they meet +/- 60% of the requirements, other candidates only apply when they almost tick every box. So if this role feels like the right match, but you’re not sure about the criteria, we’d love to hear from you.

Applicants will not be excluded on the grounds of sex, gender reassignment, pregnancy, maternity, race, marital status, diversity of thought, disability, age, religion, belief or sexual orientation. If you feel like any specific adjustments need to be made throughout our recruitment process, please feel free to let us know.

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