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The Music Recruiters is a specialized recruitment and executive search agency. We match (interim) professionals with brands in the music, entertainment and creative sectors. From brand partnerships manager to tour manager and from A&R manager to financial employee or marketing specialist: we make the best match. 

Job Advertising

Want to (first) use our network without the provided aid in recruitment & selection? You can! From €95,- you can place your ad on The Music Recruiters’ channels and get in touch with our network.*

*This service is currently only available for the Dutch Market


Our recruitment and selection services will connect your organization with the best professionals. We take the (time-consuming) application process off your hands and ensure that you come into contact with both active and latent candidates through our efficient combination of recruitment and headhunting.

Executive Search

Does your organization aspire filling a strategic (senior) position and are you looking for a sparring partner with specific market knowledge? Or are you dealing with a (complex) vacancy that requires a custom search procedure? Then consider our executive search services.



Being from the industry ourselves, we speak the same language as the music, media and entertainment professionals (employers and candidates) you’re looking for. Through our experience in the business we are most familiar with the wide array of roles/job titles spread around the arena. Product manager, Brand Partnerships Manager, Content Producer, A&R Manager, or In-House Composer; you name it, we know it. But, primarily, we’ll concern ourselves with looking for the X-factor in the candidate that such a role requires; looking for a match on both the professional as well as the personal level.

We’re naming a few reasons to work with us:

* Timesaving We take the – time consuming – recruitment process out of your hands and provide your company with the proper candidates directly. We introduce you to carefully selected and reviewed candidates only.

* Independent selection As an independent party, operating as ‘gatekeepers’, we can find out what the true qualifications and ambitions of a candidate are. Our introductions always include a profile of the candidate, potential attention points, and an indication of the requested renumeration.

* Headhunting We do not only reach those actively searching for work, but also know where to find eager candidates who are not looking into ads yet. Through our network of ambassadors, our database, and through our extensive web-based sourcing methods we’re able to reach the right people.

* Network Through our partnership with AMACOM (Dutch market leader in agency recruitment in the marketing & advertising sector) we make use of an expansive database of marketing & advertising professionals who are passionate about applying their knowledge to the music and entertainment sector. We strongly believe in the cross-pollination of sectors and the meaningful and strategic value that other-sector experience can add to an organisation.

A selection of clients who made use our recruitment services: Massive MusicWarner MusicSpinnin’ RecordsQmusicStrengholt and BMG Production Music.


Permanent Jobs

In recruitment for (temporary) employment, The Music Recruiters works with a retained fee. A placement fee of 20-25% is applied over various wage components, including the gross annual salary. The placement fee is charged through various pre-agreed milestones.

We always go to great lengths to put our clients in touch with a suitable candidate and therefore rely on our partial no cure no pay model. We also work with warranty/guaranty settlement to ensure the quality of the candidates we mediate.

Interim Freelance

For the brokering/negotiating/mediating of an interim/freelance candidate, our recruitment fee is 20-25% over the monthly gross invoice amount of the freelancer. Both The Music Recruiters and the mediated professional send their invoices independently.



If possible, we prefer to visit for a meeting. If we can gauge the atmosphere and culture of an organization and the work space ourselves, it will enable us to find a better match. During the intake we also discuss and prioritize the specific requirements, the seniority, and preferred cultural fit for the position.

Function Profile

Through all the collected information we will set up a compact function profile in the right tone of voice, in order to quickly find and appeal to the right candidates.

Active Recruitment & Network

We will use our channels and actively focus our efforts, on a personal level, to find the right candidates. To do this, we will make use of our expansive database, (online) network of ambassadors and social channels. Our ambassadors are people from the industry who keep both an eye and ear out for us and who, like us, are the first to know if someone nearby desires a new challenge.


We always invite potential candidates to a personal meeting, or a video call. During this conversation we find out what someone is really good at and what his/her ambitions are. We aim to find out as objectively and liberally as possible whether there is a strong match with the job requirements.

During the procedure

During application procedures, we will lead the conversations and salary negotiations. To provide optimal service, we prefer to relay the discussed contents back to our clients/ candidates in a timely fashion in order to keep momentum, interest, and energy. So, we work together intensively.

Installation & Quality guarantee

Found your new colleague? Yes! Even after the candidate has been successfully placed, we stay in touch. In the – unlikely – event that a candidate does not successfully complete his/her probationary period, we will issue a guarantee and start a new recruitment procedure for a replacement candidate free of charge.





With our Professional Search & Executive Search services we focus exclusively on expert and management positions. With these services we are active worldwide.

A partnership with The Music Recruiters means that principles such as discretion, thoroughness, quality control, customer focus and a personal approach are paramount. We always do our research to the strategy, culture and DNA of our clients.

In addition to an appropriate (international) network, a well-informed and skilled conversation partner can make the difference in making the match with the right candidate. Through our specialized market knowledge we can add value at a strategic and substantive level to the search for the right senior professional for an organization. In doing so, we obviously take into account the requirements for modern leadership in terms of inclusiveness & diversity, technological expertise, network and/or sector-specific experience.

Both Professional Search and Executive Search always require a tailor made approach. The method and procedure differs per project in order to offer the right flexibility that leads to the desired result.

A number of examples of positions we have successfully mediated at these levels: Head of Product Management at an international record label, Manager of Communications at a rights organization, Global Brand Manager at a music agency and Director of Repertoire Development at a digital distributor.

Through our partners, we can also assist the client with any coaching programs, giftedness, motivation and competency analyses.

Starting a search, or more information?

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