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The Music Recruiters is a specialised recruitment and executive search agency. With our unique expertise we match (interim) professionals with brands in the music, media and entertainment sectors. From activating our network to fully outsourcing the recruitment or executive search process: we recruit people who rock their business. 


With our Professional & Executive Search services we focus on the mediation of expert and management positions. With our in-depth industry knowledge and extensive international network, we are the right sparring partner for finding the ideal candidate. Searches are proactive, tailor-made and can be conducted discreetly upon request.

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Our recruitment and selection services are focused on the mediation of medior – senior level candidates. Use our expertise and network or outsource the entire hiring process to us. We save you valuable time and ensure that our combination of recruitment and active search puts you in touch with both actively seeking candidates and latently available professionals.

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Functional Areas


Business Affairs

 Synch licensing, Royalty Management, Contracts, (…)

Creative & Content

A&R Management, Creative Direction, Music Supervision, (…)


Digital Strategy, Distribution, Streaming, (…)


Finance Administration, Finance Management, (…)



Brand Management, Communications, Social, (…)

Sales & Account

Account, Partnerships, Bookings, New Business, (…)


With our Professional Search & Executive Search services we focus exclusively on expert and management level positions. If required, by consulting The Music Recruiters it is ensured your open position is handled discreetly.

Besides a suitable (international) network, a well-informed and competent discussion partner can make all the difference. Thanks to our specialized knowledge of the market, we add value on a strategic and substantive level to the search for the right senior professional for any business. We naturally take into account the demands placed on modern leadership in the field of diversity and inclusion, technological expertise, network and/or sector-specific experience.

Both Professional Search and Executive Search always require a tuned-in and tailor-made approach. For that reason, our working method and procedures vary per project. That way, we offer the right flexibility that leads to the result you desire.

A few examples of positions we have successfully mediated at this level: Head of Product Management at an international record label, Sr. Communications Manager at a rights organization, Global Brand Manager at a music agency and Director of Repertoire Development at a digital distributor.

Through our partners, we can also guide our clients in any coaching processes, talent, motivation and competency analyses.

These services are provided worldwide.



At The Music Recruiters we always support clients in the most professional, sustainable and targeted ways possible. We’re always on top of the latest developments in the field, and we make a point of finding out exactly what’s important for your company. We’ll put you in touch with the best professionals who can lift up your position — and your organization — to the required level.

Our main goal is to save you valuable time and resources. Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing. We’re here to ensure you speak to all the best candidates as soon as possible. Collaborating with The Music Recruiters means thoroughness, quality and a tuned-in approach are paramount. We always take the time to immerse ourselves in the particular strategies, culture and DNA of our clients. That’s how we strike a unique match every time.

 Some reasons to work with us:

  • Network. Our network consists of specialized medior to senior level professionals within almost all departments (marketing, music production, finance, etc.) of the fields we operate in.
  • Search. For many projects, active search is an essential part of how we work. That’s how we achieve the best results. However, we can also work campaign-based. 
  • Saving time. We take the often time-consuming recruitment and selection process off your hands, saving you valuable time.
  • Independent selection. We always act as a neutral discussion partner and present candidates extensively (including profile, salary, points of attention, etc.).
  • International. Our work does not end at the border, in fact: we’re active globally. That way we always get in touch with the best specialists in your field. 
  • Diversity. Diversity & Inclusion is very important to us. We believe that every candidate should have equal opportunities, and we apply this vision every day in all our work.

    A small selection of the clients we’ve recently worked successfully for: Believe Music (DE), Massive Music, Warner Music, Spinnin’ Records, Qmusic and BMG Production Music.

At The Music Recruiters, transparency is very important. We’re an open book. That’s why in almost all cases we use a pre-agreed placement fee for each successful mediation. Such a placement fee is based on the complexity and seniority of the position and the servicelevel that is required. Fees are charged in several milestones, depending on the progress of the procedure. Because we trust we’ll be able to be of service to you, a warranty is always part of our conditions.

We offer both non-exclusive and exclusive recruitment processes. In certain cases we work on an exclusive basis for an agreed period of time so we can work on the assignment undisturbed and purposefully. That’s how we maximize our chances.


The Music Recruiters also mediates interim/freelance/contractor roles. Please contact us for more information and conditions. 



A successful collaboration starts with the right intake. At The Music Recruiters we’re keenly aware of this. That’s why we prefer to visit you personally for any introduction. It allows us to get a good sense of your vibes, your culture. We also use this opportunity to discuss job requirements, the desired seniority and the right fit. That’s how we draw up a suitable job profile and estimate the feasibility as accurately as possible.

Start media campaign & search

In consultation with the client, we use a selection of specialized media channels to advertise the vacancy. We can do this with or without a media budget. After that, we start our search.


We always invite potential candidates for a personal introductory meeting or a video call. During this meeting we find out what someone is really good at, and what their ambitions are. To do this as objectively as possible, we apply a number of strict criteria in consideration with you. That’s how we find out whether there really is a match with the position we’re filling.

During the application process

During the application process, we closely guide all involved parties, from interviews to salary negotiations. We actively contribute ideas during the search, manage expectations, and adjust them where necessary. During the entire process, we work together with our clients in a positive, constructive way. We’re in it together.

Placement & quality guarantee

Even after we’ve successfully finished a project, we like to stay in touch. In the unlikely event that a candidate does not successfully complete the trial period, our warranty applies.

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