How can The Music Recruiters help me find a job?

The Music Recruiters works for a vast and varied client base in music, media and entertainment.

Are you interested in a position you’ve seen on our channels? Feel free to respond to the vacancy. We’ll let you know asap if we also see a match, and whether we can schedule an introductory meeting. You’re also welcome to leave your details with us in case something comes up in the future. Just send us your resume and any additional information such as ambitions, job requirements and availability. As soon as a suitable vacancy comes up, we’ll drop you a line. 

Also be sure to keep a close eye on our website and social media channels. Some vacancies are only advertised through our network channels without us involved as recruiters. That way you’ll get in touch with the client directly.

Please note that the market is constantly evolving, and the type of profiles companies are looking for shifts from moment to moment. We can’t make any guarantees, but we’ll always do our utmost. At TMR we always go that extra mile for you.

What kind of positions does The Music Recruiters mediate for?

We mediate for most departments within music, media and entertainment: from Marketing & Sales to Streaming & Distribution and from A&R/Creative to HR, Finance & Legal.

We also mediate for music and entertainment-related positions in other fields. Think of a role as Artist & Brand Manager at a producer of energy drinks, or a Sales Manager at a software company that creates digital solutions for the events sector.  

We’re mainly engaged for medior-senior level roles and mediate for both permanent and freelance/interim positions.

How does The Music Recruiters work?

A personal approach is always our priority. Before we introduce you as a candidate to a client, we want to get to know you personally, live or through a video call.

During such a meeting we try to find out what your ambitions are, and what you’re looking for in terms of job content. If there’s a particular vacancy available that catches your eye and that we also think you fit, we’ll introduce you to our client.

During the application procedure, we supervise all aspects of the process. We also offer help with salary negotiations and can take this off your hands completely, if you wish.

As a candidate, do I pay for your services?

No, our services are free for you as a candidate. Our clients pay us to find and mediate for the right professionals.

Why do you sometimes advertise without mentioning the name of the company in question?

In some cases, we are involved in a job opening without exclusively filling the position. This means that the client also receives applications directly and initiates the procedure himself. To ensure that candidates who have been notified of a job opening through our channels contact us first, we advertise some jobs anonymously.


What kind of candidates does The Music Recruiters mediate?

We are primarily engaged for candidates operating at medior to senior level positions and are active for almost all departments within the music and entertainment field. From Marketing & Sales to Streaming & Distribution and from A&R/Creative to HR, Finance & Legal.

We are also active for positions that interface with music and entertainment within other fields.

 Are you curious if your vacancy can be filled by us? Drop us a line!

Does The Music Recruiters mediate for both permanent and freelance/interim positions?

Yes, we can. 

How does The Music Recruiters work?

A personal approach with a view to sustainable placement is important to us. We’re happy to tell you more about our methods over the phone, on a video call or during a personal introduction at your or our office.

For more information on our mediation process, please click here


How much does it cost to hire The Music Recruiters?

You can find conditions for Recruitment here.

More information about Search can be found here.

Our conditions and rates for Activation can be found here. (Only available in NL).

How soon will I be able to meet with the first candidates?

As soon as possible. Waiting times depend on the complexity of the position and the labor market. Depending on the procedure discussed in advance, we do our utmost to introduce candidates from our network to our clients at an agreed time, and in any case as soon as possible. Mind you, it’s people’s work and people are unpredictable at times.

We usually get a lot of reactions to vacancies. Why should we hire a recruiter?

It’s always a good sign when you’re getting a lot of responses to your vacancies. It means that in terms of employer branding you’ve got nothing to worry about. However, we strongly believe that recruitment can take a department to the next level. It can be crucial to reach out to candidates who are not currently searching for a new position. TMR seeks out the best candidates for the job, and enthuses them to make the switch to your business. Importantly: in doing so we take a lot of work off your hands, saving you valuable time and resources.

For more reasons to work with The Music Recruiters, we refer you to this link.

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