How can The Music Recruiters help me find a job?

If you are interested in a position we are offering, we invite you to respond. We will then promptly let you know if we see a match and if we would like to schedule an introductory meeting with you. You can also register with us through our portal.

When registering, we ask you to upload your CV and provide additional information such as your ambitions, job-related preferences, and availability. Once a suitable vacancy arises, we will contact you to arrange an introduction.

How does The Music Recruiters work?

We personally speak with all our candidates, either in person or via a video call, before making an introduction. During this conversation, we explore your ambitions and what you are looking for in terms of job content. If there is a suitable vacancy available at that time, we will introduce you to the client – with your consent.

Throughout the application process, we guide you in all aspects. We prepare you for the interviews so that you appear well-informed during the discussions. We also offer assistance with salary negotiations and can handle them entirely on your behalf if needed.

As a candidate, do I pay for your services?

No, our services are free for you as a candidate. Companies pay us to find and mediate for the right professionals.


What kind of candidates does The Music Recruiters mediate?

We mediate candidates at various levels (from mid-level to executive) and are active across multiple departments, including Business Affairs, Marketing, and Digital. Learn more about our expertise here.

Does The Music Recruiters mediate for both permanent and freelance/interim positions?

Yes, we can. 

How much does it cost to hire The Music Recruiters?

We operate with a retained placement fee of 21-25% per successful mediation, accompanied by a start-up fee at the beginning. The deposit is deducted from the final placement fee. The placement fee is calculated based on the gross annual salary, including selected benefits.

Because we trust in the quality of our services, a guarantee policy is always included in our terms.

We offer both non-exclusive and exclusive recruitment processes. In certain cases, we work exclusively for an agreed-upon period. This allows us to work towards the objective efficiently and maximize the chance of success.

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